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Current scientific research on mediation and mindfulness has proven significant changes can take place with as little as 15-20 minutes a day of meditation. Not only can meditation positively impact our thoughts, feelings and behaviors is has been shown to heal and repair the brain!

Your mind is the filter through which you experience everything. The quality of every experience, of every moment of your life, is colored by the quality of your thinking, of your awareness. If you are well rested, relaxed, clear, creative, happy, peaceful, you’re going to enjoy your life a whole lot more and achieve a whole lot more. If your productivity and the quality of your entire experience of life can be improved by spending just a few minutes a day in meditation,

isn’t that a good investment
of your time?

 Effortless Mind,by Ajayan Borys

According to scientific evidence, meditation strengthens the brain, while UCLA researchers say that individuals who meditate consistently have reported...

Lowered stress & increased ability to manage stress

Decreased levels of anxiety and mood improvement

Improved cognitive function and ability to focus

A decreased desire to “numb out” through activities such as substance misuse, TV, shopping, eating, etc.

An increased ability to be present in the moment

Improved physical health & functioning such as breathing, circulation, lowered blood pressure

Heightened levels of creativity, inspiration and motivation

Greater sense of spiritual connection